New New Materia

Yes the headline seems somewhat confusing but it´s not. I just registered another wordpress blog which just about would be this blog but in swedish. I think not many people of english heritage reads this nonsense anyway. This is also ironically exact the same procedure I had with my old blogsome blog called “From Now On”.

So fellow swedish people… it continues at

So I started this thing, to lazy to finish.

R.E.M. had this open source thing to make a mash up of their video. I added some new animation to it but I am to lazy to complete the whole video.

Hope you like some of the beginning.

Nice flickr batch from comic con w Koziks booth.

SDCC 2007 ... welcome

Tivoli pop, new genre

I came up with a new music genre, I call it “Tivoli pop”.
Below are a few examples of tracks that
qualifies as the stated genre. I am proud.Wellwater Conspiracy – Dr. Browne Dr. Greene
Architecture in Helsinki – Rendezvous : Potrero Hill  
Beirut – The Flying Club Cup  
Blur – Country House  
Blur – Far Out  
Blur – The Debt Collector  
The Apples in Stereo – Energy  
The Apples in Stereo – Mellotron 1  
Animal Collective – For Reverend Green  
Animal Collective – Unsolved Mysteries  
of Montreal – Faberge Falls for Shuggie

You like playing cards?

You should get your hands on these. Perfect Xmas gifts too.

Get them here:

More pictures of the cards below.

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The Real Deal

Thanks for the tip Denis M.

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Cohen´s Art


Artist Aye Jay´s son has collaborated with artists across the US since he was two years old and check out this site for some interesting stuff

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